Here is some more advice from the advertising pros:

The Steven Spielberg”Lincoln” movie, which came out during the presidential campaign, could have been leveraged by the GOP, Hempel said.”They missed it! They could have embraced Lincoln better. The movie was out, and, you know, he was a Republican. They should be the party of Lincoln.”
“When they do their convention, the audience should not be 95 percent white. Whatever it takes to transform this, it’s critical,” said Karen Post, another branding consultant.
The GOP needs some new faces to represent itself, Post added.”They need to identify a larger group of diversified leaders, rock stars for the party.”
Not surprisingly, brand experts cited the GOP’s socially conservative stances as a liability. But rather than give any specific stances individually, Hempel referenced a broader issue of looking antiquated.”As a brand consultant, I would say, you have a relevance problem,” he said.”It’s not necessarily any one issue, it’s a bigger issue.” If the GOP were a business, he might recommend becoming a niche brand, something that isn’t possible for a political party that is hoping to win the presidency.…e-gop