Impressed by Curt Schilling’s entrepreneurial bravado, star power, and the promise of hundreds of high-paying jobs, the Rhode Island government backed the six-time All-Star pitcher’s video game company, 38 Studios, to the tune of $75 million in bonds, Matt Bai writes for The New York Times. Schilling had a plan to relocate his company to Providence, which local officials thought would be the start of a high-tech corridor to rival that of nearby Cambridge, Mass. But Boston-based venture capitalists had all passed on Schilling’s company for a reason. And roughly two years later, Schilling’s company is in bankruptcy, the building sits empty in downtown Providence, and the government has some difficult choices:”whether Rhode Island can afford to repay the bondholders, or whether it should simply default,” as Bai writes. Lawsuits and counter-lawsuits abound, and nearly all of Schilling’s personal fortune is gone. So what happened?…&