On June 10, Foxman reported that some early numbers are intentional, posting part of a contract between Thomson Reuters and the University of Michigan that says: "Thomson Reuters will send out the Data to Subscribers of its ultra-low latency distribution platform for purposes of algorithimic trading at approximately 9:54:58.000 (plus/minus 500 milliseconds). … Thomas Reuters shall have the right to release the Data to its general Subscribers … on or after 9:55:00."

Foxman reported: "The consumer sentiment index is at the center of a lawsuit between Thomson Reuters and Mark Rosenblum, a former employee who sold financial data for the firm. Rosenblum says that while working at Thomson Reuters he spoke to officials at the FBI about the two-tiered data distribution system, because he believed that giving high-frequency traders a head start might violate insider-trading laws. He was fired on August 3, 2012, and in April, he took the company to court for wrongful dismissal." bit.ly/19tigbl