Economist cover, all eight global editions, "Every step you take: Google glass, ubiquitous cameras and the threat to privacy … The recorded world ": "Some 10,000 people are already testing a prototype of Google Glass, a miniature computer worn like spectacles. It aims to replicate all the functions of a smartphone in a device perched on a person’s nose. Its flexible frame holds both a camera and a tiny screen, and makes it easy for users to take photos, send messages and search for things online. Glass may fail, but a wider revolution is under way. … [A]s cameras become smaller, more powerful and ubiquitous, new laws may be needed to preserve liberty. … Silicon Valley emphasises the liberating power of technology ….But the freedom that a gadget gives one person can sometimes take away liberty from another. Liberal politicians have been lazy about defending the idea of personal space, especially online.." See the cover.