Both the Brewers Association and the Beer Institute have lined up solidly against proposed federal rules that would make it harder for breweries to sell or give away leftover grains as animal feed, making disposal more expensive. The Food and Drug Administration rule change would require brewers to meet the same standards as livestock and pet-food manufacturers. "This proposed regulation would help prevent food borne illness in both animals and people," the agency said in the statement. Chris Thorne of the Beer Institute said he believes once the FDA has all of the information, it will see the benefits of the current system of recycling the old grain.”This regulation is onerous and expensive, but really it’s just unnecessary. There has never been a single reported negative incidence with spent grain," Thorne said in a statement. The Brewers Association called the proposal an unwarranted burden for all brewers. "Many of the more than 2,700 small and independent craft breweries that operate throughout the United States provide spent grain to local farms for use as animal feed," the statement said. "The proposed FDA rules on animal feed could lead to significantly increased costs and disruption in the handling of spent grain." The FDA will continue to collect comments through Monday.…grain