"The New Oil Crisis: Exploding trains," by Kathryn A. Wolfe and Bob King: "Communities throughout the U.S. and Canada are waking up to the dark side of North America’s energy boom: Trains hauling crude oil are crashing, exploding and spilling in record numbers as a fast-growing industry outpaces the federal government’s oversight. … A POLITICO analysis of federal data from more than 400 oil-train incidents since 1971 shows that a once-uncommon threat has escalated dramatically in the past five years: This year has already shattered the record for property damage from U.S. oil-train accidents, with a toll exceeding $10 million through mid-May – nearly triple the damage for all of 2013. … Almost every region of the U.S. has been touched by an oil-train incident. … The voluntary reforms that DOT and industry have enacted so far might not have prevented the worst accidents." goo.gl/SdWA8W